Analysis Adequate Between Vitamin D Intake and Dementia in the Elderly in Community Health Center Work Areas


  • Muhammad Bagas Saputra
  • Rashel Yusya Athanurseha
  • Azis Prasanto


Dementia, Vitamin D, Ederly


Based on population projection data, it is estimated that in 2017 there will be 23.66 million elderly people in Indonesia (9.03%). The number of elderly people is estimated in 2020 (27.08 million), 2025 (33.69 million), 2030 (40.95 million) and 2035 (48.19 million) (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, 2017). The prevalence of dementia (per 1000 population) in Indonesia in 2005 was 191.4 incidents, in 2020 it is estimated to be 314.1 incidents, and will increase in 2050 to around 932 incidents. Data obtained in the work area of ​​the Telaga District Health Center included 134 elderly people, 38 of whom suffered from dementia. From the results of interviews obtained from health workers at community health centers and families, it was said that elderly people often forget many activities such as bathing, taking medicine and so on, so the family has to remind them to take a bath, take medicine and so on. In further interviews conducted by researchers with elderly people, some said that they rarely consumed vitamins, especially vitamin D, were lazy about exercising, doing light activities or sunbathing every morning which could increase their risk of developing dementia.




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